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Top 5 Memory Games for Seniors

A senior man and a senior woman playing jigsaw puzzles.

A certain degree of memory loss or forgetfulness is typically a normal part of aging—but this shouldn’t be confused with a disease like Alzheimer’s, which would usually result in much more than simple forgetfulness. To help offset or improve this age-related forgetfulness in an aging adult, some games and activities can help keep the mind […]

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What Is Assisted Living with Memory Care?

A female nurse is assisting an elderly man with Alzheimer's on a wheelchair to go outdoors in the garden.

There are several living arrangements for seniors, including assisted or independent living, memory care, and respite care. Between assisted living and memory care, there tends to be quite a bit of crossover. This article explores the difference between assisted living and memory care and some of the overlaps in care between them. We’re also looking […]

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How Social Connections Keep Seniors Healthy

Sad elderly man sitting alone at home with a sad expression.

The Importance of Social Health Fostering relationships is essential for healthy living. Even people who feel comfortable living independently can suffer from loneliness. Older adults have a greater risk of social isolation. Almost ⅓ of adults 45 and older feel lonely, and nearly ¼ of adults 65 and older are considered isolated. Sadly, the health […]

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